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3 medical survival myths you learned from movies (and why they'll kill you)
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    He has a degree in English Literature and also owns a small film production company, Gravitas Studios.


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  • Our student-centered approach is anything but one size fits all, and that is part of the reason our students reach their educational goals. We take a personal interest in your learning experience, providing customized help according to your needs. Through a superior educational experience and understanding of the needs and dreams of the students we serve, US University offers a bridge to a brighter future

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    'medicine' is a term very dear to his heart, and he defines it as 'anywhere that people have a really hard time accessing modern medicine–like if they have to walk two days to get any kind of medicine, regardless of what it is. They have no access to a doctor or nurse of any kind, the best they have is often like a local shopkeeper.'

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    BREAKING: Congress announces increase in US Special Operations combat missions in Africa
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    Trusted News and Intelligence From Spec Ops Veterans

    We help brighten futures, empowering students to thrive with an exceptional student-centered education. Ours is a nurturing, supportive and safe environment where students can reach their full potential and attain their educational goals and career success.